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Frank Paul Vignola, Life Coach for MEN

YOUR 1:1 alignment

You are applying for a one-off session to align you with an objective, bring you clarity, tangible action steps, and/or support on your next steps to get what you're after.

If you're a guy who seeks immediate action and answers and has the resources to invest himself, then this is for you, brother.

If you think you're in need of a longer journey or not seeking a 1:1 experience, click the emblem at the top of the page and head over to my site to explore more options.


This session serves to bring you tools, clarity, and/or an action plan based on resources known by the coach.

If I don't feel I can bring value to you or the situation you want alignment with is outside the scope of my expertise, I will be upfront with you before you've committed and paid.

Sessions are on Zoom (video), and typically 90 minutes, but can go up to 2 hours depending on focus / needs.

This one-off 1:1 Alignment Session is an investment of $1475 (paid in full prior to scheduling).

Please fill out the form below. Once you submit, you'll receive an email to pay and schedule your 1:1 Alignment Session.

The 1:1 Alignment Sessions requires a one-time payment of $1475. Are you ready to commit to this investment?
I have read and answered all questions. I understand that I will receive a confirmation email (check spam folder) with payment and scheduling information.
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