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There are times you’ll feel him peering right into your soul... a courageous and necessary journey for any man ready to face his fears and be rewarded with worth, identity, and purpose. The implementation leads to a total lifestyle upheaval.

Mike Bayer,

2x NYT Best Selling Author

Restructuring my lifestyle with Frank has catapulted me forward. In the last year, I’ve landed the highest paying job of my career, cut ties with toxic people and scenes, improved my marriage, my health, and built a sick office space and at-home gym. And, most importantly, I learned to love myself again.

Matthew Daniels,

Naval Aviator, Commander & USN

Frank has found a way for men to develop masculinity that combines traditional ideals with modern culture... it reignites an excitement to embrace being a man today, and simultaneously provides the tools and specific steps to live a life built for success and impact. 

Dr. Nicholas Natale, PhD,

Therapist, Coach & Speaker

Working with frank has been fantastic and eye opening. He is getting me and my life in order with his guidance. He has an open mind and non-judgmental on whatever you talk about. He makes my life more enjoyable and appreciate what I have be given in life. Frank has helped me with my work, family, husband, friends, stress, life goals, just a great person to talk with it is like talking with your friend.  He will be honest with you and tell you what he thinks and is what I love about him the most. He does not beat around the bush just upfront about things.  I’m so happy that I have had the chance to work with frank he is a gem and is changing my life for the better.

-Geno Vento, Manhattan NY

"Frank provides that unusual combination of youth, and therefore “connectedness” to our present world, and maturity, wisdom and life experience not common in a person his age. As a bisexual man who has chosen to remain in a heterosexual marriage, I sought a life coach who would be non-judgmental and not seek to persuade me that the inherent conflicts in my personal life were unsustainable. He has been that coach, and more. I have been working with him for 8 months now, and have particularly appreciated his ability to lead me to insights about my behaviors, as well as the practical solutions he proposes to address seemingly intractable problems. He is gentle and supportive when the mood and context warrant, and appropriately challenges my perspectives when I am more resilient. He is always focused and interested; no yawning or impatience when you recount a new version of the same story for the tenth time. I recommend him without reservation."

-Len S., Manhattan NY

"Frank is a great life coach with great insight on tactics to overcome obstacles from small to large. He has a comfortable and "safe" environment to express yourself and a place to tear down the baggage and heal through self recovery with his guidance. He is also a cool guy that you can really get along with. I highly recommend Frank for whatever needs you may have."

-Christopher P,, Bronx NY

"Frank's coaching has helped me to become a much more proactive person and enjoy life more fully."

-Michael R,, NJ

"I am a gay man in my late 40’s. I have struggled socially due to my own judgements about my looks, weight, and lack of social skills and sexual experience. I felt I was unlovable. My ability to put myself into the dating world became more difficult as the years went on. I felt I was all alone and that my life experience as a gay man had gone uncharted in popular culture. No one I knew was experiencing the same difficulties and I found it very difficult to discuss even with those close to me.

That was 3 months ago. Since then, I’ve had 10 in person sessions with Frank. He is an incredible listener. We talked openly about my judgmental nature towards myself, past experiences, and fears of new ones.  With every session, Frank gave me homework that I was to accomplish before my next visit. Even from our consult Skype session, he started offering good ideas on how we could get some results.  


Frank is an extremely warm, charismatic, and confident man. Right from the start, I was able to feel his energy rubbing off on me. He helped me build a profile for dating/hookup apps - gave me all sorts of ideas to help put me out into the world. If I had questions, was frustrated about an experience, or needed his advice, he would respond and help me deal with things - one of the best parts of working with him is that Frank keeps himself available to you by text, email, and phone. Also, I was able to commit to an exercise and eating program to get my health, weight, and body back on track. I lost 15 pounds and am now able to wear clothes that have been stored in my closet for years! The biggest accomplishment was that I ventured out into the world, went on a few dates, and had a few amazing sexual experiences along the way. My confidence is now at an all time high and I feel secure enough to keep moving forward. If I hadn’t met Frank, I’d still be sitting in my apartment wondering how I’m going to live my life. So, if you are unsatisfied with the current state of your life, I would highly recommend getting off your butt and contacting Frank to be your life coach. It is the best thing I’ve done for myself in years."

-Clyde, Brooklyn NY

"Frank is an extremely thoughtful person. You may think a life coach would guide you through concrete specific aspects of your life like finance, career development or fitness. Frank does that, but he is also able to help with deeper emotional and psychological issues that may be preventing you from reaching your goals. 

If you are serious about growing as a person in any aspect you are interested in, prepare to work, because Frank will make you accountable for your progress and will make sure that you are giving your best in order to realize your potential. As someone who has been through multiple therapies and self improvement methods, I completely recommend Frank since he has a flawless talent to reach into you and bring the best out, with empathy, kindness and care. Being coached by Frank is an experience that will make you question different aspects of your life with real sense, since it come from someone who has experienced similar issues, so identification is an important part of the relationship of trust and empathy that is established. Frank represents a new approach to heal, close circles, question methods you've been using and move forward with a new and fresh perspective, from the understanding and embracing of what's better for your life, your heart and mind."

-Cristobal O., Manhattan NY

"Where does one even begin to say how incredible Frank is? He has been coaching my nephew who has had a very troubled past history of drug addiction and incarceration. To be honest, we really didn't think at age 35 that he was going to be able to turn his life around.  Then...along came life coach Frank Vignola!  With his tough love, sound advice and motivational recommendations, we are happy to say that my nephew is gainfully employed, motivated to turn his life around, more grateful and appreciative than ever before and overall a better human being.  He also even suffered a recent relapse with drinking and rapidly pulled things together again.  I cannot recommend Frank highly enough. He is a caring, charismatic and personable guy who really made a difference in our nephew's life.  We are forever grateful."

-Jill R., Glenview IL

"I would highly recommend Frank. He makes you feel extremely comfortable. He has amazing intuition and a wonderful healing energy. Frank could not be any kinder!!”

-Patricia L., Retail, Toms River NJ


Frank’s program helped me overcome years of mental paralysis after a devastating sports injury. I’m playing sports again, eating clean, gained a ton of success with my podcast, and aced my board exam that I’d been putting off for months. I'm healthier and more in control of my life than I've felt in years.

Gus Navarro,

Physical Therapist, Athlete & Podcaster

Frank is also an amazing coach for women! He has the intuition to “get it” yet NEVER coddles. If you’re like me, and love that no BS, results-driven, tough-love approach: Frank. He pushed me to change my people-circle, change careers, and build my own coaching business. Oh yea, and I lost over 100lbs.

-Brette Goldstein,

Performance Coach & Strategy Maven

"Frank is such a good guy. I usually feel uncomfortable when I first interact with someone but Frank makes you feel very much at peace and calm. I felt extremely comfortable with him. Sometimes he will engage in discussion and sometimes he will just listen. He's really good at reading someone's vibes and checking to see where they're at. I felt a connection with Frank psychologically and interpersonally. He understood what made me feel out of place without me saying a word. I definitely feel safe with him and he has taught me how to let my guard down in other relationships." 

-John B., Advertising, London UK


"I took the challenge and contacted Frank about his life coach services. He is truly a regular guy and I mean that in a very good way. Frank is approachable and makes you feel comfortable and more importantly he makes you feel safe. The experience helped me feel free, feel better about myself and create a positive energy within me that I still have. He is easy to connect to - man to man. He provided me with tools to help me feel better about myself. A truly positive experience and am looking forward to more sessions with him." 

-Andrew A., Flight Attendant, Fort Lauderdale FL


"Amazing person, in so many ways. So thankful for all of the invaluable tools he has given me. I don't want to give away all of his secrets, but one example of an exercise Frank gave me that catapulted my transformation was giving my living space a makeover. I took his advice and it worked better than I could have imagined! I rearranged and moved every piece of furniture in my bedroom. I took down photos and put up new ones. I painted the furniture. I literally made over the room. It looked like a new room. Before this, I hated to go to bed. Now, I am at peace and can finally sleep well. It feels like my space now. It's where I "recharge my battery" and absorb the energy of the space which is my momentum to take me through the day. It may seem like only one tiny step but it has made a huge difference to me. I look forward to doing all the things he has suggested. Thank you, Frank!!!" 

-Christina B., Human Resources, Brooklyn NY


"I have been working with Frank for over 6 months now. When we had our first meeting, I was greeted with a big smile and an immediate sense of comfort! Frank listened to my concerns and what areas of my life I wanted to improve. He asked thought-provoking questions and challenged me in new ways. Together, he and I found clarity on exactly where I wanted to go. His vision statement delivery was life changing for me. Everything is clear. I have a completely different view on life and have taken my life into my own hands. Everyday I feel closer to my destination. I am so grateful." 

-Luke C., Graphic Design, New York NY


"Traveling constantly for business in a chain of regular cities, my challenge is to find the specific time for brain resourcing and re-energizing myself with a total mental and emotional cleanse. A friend who had worked with Frank told me of his meditation and cleansing techniques and so I visited his website. Reading each line was a true invitation for a connection; which I sensed as of the first contact. "The Moment" is real, is full, is mutual. It's a rare and generous exchange working with Frank. Let myself be free and explore the moment; is what I aspired once in session." 

-Charles S., Interior Design, Paris FR


"In the past couple years I faced a lot of traumatic, devastating events which caused me to change - increased anxiety and stress being the biggest change of all. I was almost embarrassed and ashamed to tell Frank what I was going through, but as my life coach for so many years and knowing that he faced similar issues in his life in the past, I confided in him and leaned on him. And he gave me support, understanding and invaluable inspiration. He first told me about stress management and taught me some really useful, effective exercises. Next - self-esteem, self-awareness and ways to gain it. He helped me recognize my depression-triggers and avoidance issues and showed me how to stop them before they start. My anxiety is gone and I feel like I'm sitting in the driver seat now - I'm in charge of my life. It can't be any other way! I strongly recommend Frank to anyone."

-Melissa A., Child Day Care, Edison NJ

“On a recent visit to NYC I booked an appointment with Frank for some intimacy coaching. We sat and talked awhile about things that I was trying to work on and Frank was easy to talk to and open and helpful. We talked about male relationships and intimacy, and did several exercises to help me feel relaxed and comfortable. I am looking forward to my next appointment with Frank. He is a great life coach, very intuitive and creative.”

-Scotty, NYC

“I was seeking help with relationship issues. I came across Frank's website and saw that he specializes in working with men and relationships. Being a little skeptical of life coaching, I approached Frank with a bit of reserve but was quickly won over by his professionalism, positivity and empathy. Frank's coaching helped clarify my understanding of boundaries and parameters in relationships. It also helped my process of recovery from past relationships. Frank coached me on how to develop

strategies for a more productive workday and also in approaching a very difficult transition in my life. To anyone that feels that some aspect of their life would benefit from coaching, I would recommend Frank. He is warm, open and always positive–

like a brother you always wished you had.”

-George, Teacher, PA

“Frank has been a fantastic life coach for me. He's helped me figure out so much about myself, and I see a difference in my professional life as well as my interpersonal relationships. He makes me feel so comfortable talking about the most personal of subjects. If you can get an appointment with him, do!! You won't regret it.”

-Tessa O., Henrico, VA

"Frank has helped me dig through my emotional walls and discover the things that hold me back in life. As a life coach he has also helped me set realistic goals for myself and learn how to self motivate. I have come a long way since we first started working together; friends have even commented on how much my emotional health has improved."

-C J., Brooklyn NY

"Frank spoke at an alumni event for a residential school for at risk young men and their families. He was able to engage everyone: from present day youth to long time alumni, to parents and donors to the program. I received many accolades about Frank from several of those who were there for Frank's testimonial. He is able to be heartfelt but professional, funny and down to earth, and yet deep. I enjoyed getting to know him and believe he would be a great motivational speaker for other events."

-David F., PhD, Bernard NJ


Frank and I assessed my character strengths and lifestyle values. He helped me gain clarity around priorities and values important to me in a life partner. Just a few months later, I found the right one for me. We’re married now, and have been together 6 years.

-Clif Mathews,

Business Owner, Activist & Speaker

"Incredible man who knows from where he speaks. He's been by my son's side and my son has had quite a few very rough years. Frank has been there to help him focus on positive goals, guide him into learning to make his own goals become reality but has been appropriately tough when my son needed it. I will be forever grateful for what Frank has done for my son. You can't go wrong by enlisting his expertise!" 

-Caryn G., Wilmington NC

"Although I worked with Frank for only a short while, I found my investment in both time and money very well spent. In addition to being one hell of a nice guy and someone who certainly seems to have found his calling in life, Frank was instrumental in helping me prioritize the aspects of my life which needed focus in order to implement change. I learned that once past all of the "analysis paralysis", I found the clarity needed to move forward and accomplish what I set out to do. I highly recommend Frank and I'm certain I'll reach out to him again should I ever find myself "stuck" and needing some professions perspective and guidance.

-Greg F., Hoboken NJ


"Before I met Frank I was struggling with a lot of insecurities and anxiety. Getting my self organized during the week became very difficult due to my repetitive negative thoughts and self doubts; sometimes I couldn't even bring myself to get out of bed. Once I started my sessions with Frank I noticed that I was starting to let those thoughts go and doubting myself less (something that I thought was impossible). He motivated me to push harder and I began to discover my strengths. I immediately started booking more auditions and now I've signed with a manager I love. I am lucky to have found Frank as a life coach and forever grateful for the invaluable tools he has given me." 

-Tabitha L., Actress, Pittsburgh PA


"Frank is a great guy and really knows what he is doing when it comes to life coaching. First the location is excellent (Convenient and Safe). He has a special room where the coaching takes place. Very tranquil, quiet, and relaxing. His program, his intuition and his positive energy are all top notch. I would recommend Frank again and again." 

-George N., Actor, New York NY


“I worked with Frank from 2010 to 2012. After each meeting I found myself closer to my true happiness. I learned how to embrace change, deal with my abandonment and attachment issues, remove negative thinking, and accept loss then let it go. I feel confidence in knowing what I want out of my life and how to enjoy getting there. I highly recommend Frank as a life coach.”

-Ruy C., Computer Support, Corpus Christi TX


"Frank's personality is the first thing to hit you the moment you exchange words. He asks questions in order to ascertain how he can best be of service to you, the client. I cannot say enough about the comfortable atmosphere one steps into whether in person, Skype or by phone. Frank is not afraid to assert himself and hold his clients accountable when needed. I am thrilled to know him and have made big changes in life from working with him.”

-Josh H., Interior Design, Los Angeles CA


"I've seen Frank several times and always had a good and enjoyable experience. I always leave feeling better than when I arrive. Frank has good intuition, a good spirit and a warm heart. He is professional, bright, articulate, straight forward and non-judgmental. It is easy and a pleasure to talk to him and to be with him. The space also has good vibes. His life coach room has to be one of the best in the city in terms of functionality and especially in terms of ambiance. My experiences with Frank have been complete and the good feelings last for days." 

-Ryan F., Finance, New York NY


"I had a breakthrough session with Frank, I felt very comfortable the moment the session began. Frank had a way of making the conversation feel natural and unrushed; it was like talking to an old friend. I would highly recommend Frank on his life coach abilities; it’s amazing what you can learn about yourself, I will definitely be scheduling sessions with Frank again and look forward to trying one of his packages." 

-Matthew W., Bartender, Chicago IL

"Very charming, easy to get along with, down to earth guy! I instantly felt comfortable when we started our consultation session via Skype. Frank is a well-rounded individual who makes you feel at ease, shows concern and understanding, is an excellent listener, and encourages you talk about yourself - which if you're like me, you're used to - so that he can better understand what areas of your life need encouraging and cultivating, and how to move forward as a team in achieving those goals that you have set and he will help you accomplish. I must point out that I am from a low income background - I live frugally - and Frank is more than fair in working within your budget - not for a second did i feel shunned or shoved aside just because of my financial status. Besides, in the long run - he's worth every penny! Bravo Frank! Looking foward to a most productive life coach relationship!"

-James C., Self-Employed, Saint John, Canada

“I moved to New York with nothing and needed to start from scratch. I had very little confidence in my abilities and lacked structure. I began working with Frank and right away I felt as if I had found someone who understood me. He made me feel comfortable, stop beating myself up and realize that I was not alone. He helped bring structure into my life and within a few months I was able to find a job I love and a great living situation. He gave me the confidence to go for what I want and aim big. His stories are a testament of his strength and will inspire you to work harder, but his compassion and positive energy are what make him such an effective life coach.”

-Brian T., Carpenter, New York NY

"I've just begun working with Frank over the last couple of weeks.  His warmth and generosity of spirit is immediate whether it is through a Skype session or in person.  Like any good life coach, Frank listens without judgement  and tries to get to the root of the problem so work can begin to get back on track whether it's regarding career, relationships, or intimacy.  His confidence as a person is already inspiring me to be more confident in myself (which is no easy task).  He's great at giving specific suggestions as to how to proceed which is a wonderful change from therapy where a question is usually only answered by another question.  This is not the case with Frank.  In dealing with anything of this nature, it is a step by step process.  I know Frank is on my side and helping me to pave the way to bettering myself and conquering my issues.  I'm very grateful to have found him." 

-Mark D., Self-Employed, Brooklyn NY


"I was apprehensive about sharing personal aspects of my life with a complete stranger of course but Frank made me feel like I had known him all my life. Once we connected, I found that I could talk about any and everything with. He listened without being judgmental and offered me advice on making major changes to my lifestyle. I have been working with Frank now for over a year and my life has changed dramatically for the best. I broke up with my abusive boyfriend, re-enrolled in University and am now studying a law degree, met and am in a relationship with the most wonderfully caring person in the world and can truly say for the first time in a long time that I am happy. Frank has made such a difference in my life." 

-Marty G., Law Student, London UK


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