I help men master their identity, worth and masculinity so they can be the man

they've always wanted to be & live a life that aligns with their values and purpose.

Identify Your Values in 5 Steps!

List of 200+ Values



Something's gotta change.

But what?

• Does your life lack a sense of purpose?

• Are your connections unfulfilling or missing altogether?

• Do you look to others for validation or a sense of worth?

• Are you in need of accountability, confidence or courage?

• Are you having doubts about your relationship?

• Are you repressing secrets or desires you need to face?

• Are you struggling to figure out which step to take next?

To be Frank, it's pretty


We explore. We discover. We take action.


20+ years ago I had my first experience with leadership which turned out to be my path to becoming a life coach. After spending years battling severe depression and substance abuse, I turned my life around and started doing the things I love the most. My coaching is largely rooted in overcoming those adversities combined with years of study and practicing professionally. 


  I've coached hundreds of men from all over

  the world and all different backgrounds.

  I work with all kinds of guys: teens, men over

  50, introverts, extroverts, LGBTQ+ and more.


  My style of coaching provides similar benefits

  as therapy, only it's more active!


  I've spent my life studying the condition and

  behavior of men. I promise l'll understand you. 


A life coach is a professional who helps you achieve your goals in various areas of life - starting a business, dating successfully, getting in shape, earning a raise, preparing for a big event, etc. It is an examination of who you are today, what's going on in your life, where your obstacles are and most importantly how to take action and make the necessary changes to achieve what you want.

Nelson Mandela



"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart."


What sets me apart

from other coaches?

I Lived Through it.

Spending my early life battling addiction & depression, bullying and a string of incarcerations, has given me a lot of insight into the way of men today. While my formal training has been incredibly valuable, I’m more inclined to follow my intuition rooted in my own experiences. 

No Moral Bias.

I coach without moral bias. I do not determine what is right and wrong, certainly not for you. If a man needs me to help him navigate finding supplemental intimacy outside or his relationship or marriage, I will help him and remain completely objective.

My Performing Arts Background.

I often implement techniques used by actors and performing artists - when working through social anxiety, preparing for a speech, interview or a difficult conversation, or when there is a need to generate a positive emotion before taking an action. 

Cam B. Actor

I could honestly go on and on about Frank but the one thing I’ll point out is that he has knack for challenging you in a way that forces you to take an honest look at yourself. So very grateful for our work so far.

Ilya P. SWE, Google

Frank is very emotionally insightful and empathetic. He has helped me understand how to connect with people and has also held me accountable to the goals I mapped out for myself.

Dave F. PhD

Frank spoke at an alumni event for a residential school for at risk young men. He was able to engage everyone: He is able to be heartfelt but professional, funny and down to earth, and yet deep.

Clif M. Partner, Deloitte

What sets Frank apart is his ability to see challenges and goals from my own perspective. One of the biggest benefits I've seen is the ability to translate goals into action to see actual results.

Brette G. Casting Dir.

Frank is also an amazing coach for women! He is perceptive and just "gets it" I love his easy-yet-tough way of gently pushing me towards my goals. When I was in doubt, I trusted Frank and he hasn't been wrong yet.



Coaching sessions by phone or video.

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Six 45-Minute Sessions

Included Options:

- Two 5-Minute Checkins

- Weekly Email Availability

- Daily Text Accountability

- Character Strengths




Twelve 45-Minute Sessions

Included Options:

- Three 5–10-Minute Checkins

- Weekly Email Availability

- Daily Text Accountability

- Character Strengths &

- Core Values Assessment 



Eighteen 45-Minute Sessions

Included Options:

- Five 5–10-Minute Checkins

- Weekly Email Availability

- Daily Text Accountability

- Character Strengths &

- Core Values Assessment 


6 Weeks

3 Months

18 Weeks

You may cancel or change session appointments

up to 24 hours prior to the session time.

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