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Frank Paul Vignola | Self-Mastery, Masculinity, Life Coach for MEN

Does your lifestyle reflect a man who is making the most of himself?


Do your days feel meaningful & fulfilling?


Do you have faith in your strengths & abilities?


Do you know your values and live by them?


Are you organized & attack goals with a plan?


Do you honor your word to yourself & others?


Do you have consistent healthy habits?


Are you taking risks & facing fears?

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 For 10+ years, I've helped hundreds of men achieve these virtues. Here's how:

High-achieving men need to be able to distill what makes them great down to simple one-word strengths, making them easily accessible tools that can be called upon in varying life circumstances. Our strengths are the foundation for self-confidence – easily the most sought-after attribute by men and arguably the most attractive. A new notch in your worth as a man.

Unlike morals, principles, and ethics, lifestyle values cover all areas of life that are important to us as men. They remind us of who we want to be, and serve as a roadmap for decision-making, time prioritizing, intentionality in our actions, and discerning the people we let into our lives at close proximity. Time to up-level certainty, self-reliance, and agency over your life.

The understructure for a life of stacking wins is all about alignment, my man. Your strengths and lifestyle values to determine the actions, habits, hobbies, and people your life needs, as well as what needs to be removed or moderated. And, just like that, that existential “What’s the fucking point?” narrative dissolves. You will have a point, a purpose, and a plan.

discover your STRENGTHS


take the right ACTIONS

Frank Paul Vignola
Frank Paul Vignola
Frank Paul Vignola

Why trust me and what makes me an expert? Okay. Walk with me...

Frank Paul Vignola | Self-Mastery, Masculinity, Life Coach for MEN


Over the last decade, I've explored what qualities men admire most in other men. I spent three years turning the parallels I found into a how-to-guide, detailing the processes and methodologies I've used to help men attain those virtues. Get the book here.

I wasn't born confident. I spent my early life battling feelings of inadequacy, which led to bullying, depression, overdoses, and eventually a 4-year string of incarcerations that almost killed me. My coaching frameworks, in many ways, are the byproduct of years of self-work and refining formulas I developed for myself.


Actors are masters at building an identity. We breathe life into characters through understanding their strengths & values, and, most importantly, by giving them an objective and purpose. We do this over and over, and have our own unique formula. I spent seven years honing my technique, and still use it throughout my coaching.



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I've provided 1:1 coaching for hundreds of men worldwide, including business owners of billionaire companies, TV personalities, celebrity restaurateurs, and NY Times bestselling authors. I have dozens of online publication features, podcast and TV appearances, and a social media presence over 150K followers. See Full Bio.

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Frank Paul Vignola
Crafting Masculinity | Frank Paul Vignola | Life Coach for MEN

Available in paperback, kindle, and audiobook

Don't take my word for it.
See what others are saying about me...

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Here's what you'll get from your
customized 4-pillar journey:

Screenshot 2024-06-29 at 5.16_edited.jpg

1. Interception

• Habits Formed

• Increased Discipline

• Increased Resiliency

• Energy & Momentum

Screenshot 2024-06-29 at 4_edited_edited

3. Integration

• Lifestyle Alignment

• Relationships Assessed

• Re-Established Identity

• Visualization of New Self

Screenshot 2024-06-29 at 5_edited.jpg

2. Identity

• Discovery of Strengths

• Understanding of Values 

• New Confidence Gained

• New Clarity & Focus

Screenshot 2024-06-29 at 5_edited.jpg

4. Implementation

• Life of Purpose

• Feeling of Fulfillment 

• Man of Virtue & Integrity

• Self-Mastery & Self-Actualization


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Frank Paul Vignola

frank paul vignola

Self-Mastery & Lifestyle Coach for Men

Frank is one of the leading positive forces in the men’s space today, exemplifying and highlighting the importance of living with purpose, taking courageous action, regulating emotions, and embodying other masculine virtues that foster integrity in men.

As a successful business owner, self-mastery expert, fitness enthusiast, and empath, Frank delves deep into the core challenges and self-limiting beliefs of men. Drawing upon an arsenal of over 10 years of methodologies, tools, and frameworks, he provides tailored guidance to help men align their relationships and personal lives, while achieving abundance in their careers and businesses.

Having overcome significant early life challenges such as drug abuse and incarceration, Frank developed a 4-Pillar framework that empowers men to summon their inner superhero, overcome any obstacle, and become leaders, exemplars, and high achievers:

— Interception, Identity, Integration, & Implementation —


Frank has transformed the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of men, including husbands, fathers, celebrities, influencers, TV personalities, 8-figure entrepreneurs, and leaders of billionaire companies.


Life has been Frank's greatest teacher – he combines decades of hands-on professional experience and personal triumphs with neuroscience-based self-development methods, behavioral psychology, and acting & performing arts techniques to elicit both an internal and external transformation in the men he coaches. He brings a level of commitment, accountability, intentionality, and burning passion to his work that is unparalleled. 


Put simply, his greatest purpose in life is to help you find yours.

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