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A life coach is a professional who helps you achieve your goals in various areas of life - starting a business, dating successfully, getting in shape, earning a raise, preparing for a big event, etc. It is an examination of who you are today, what's going on in your life, where your obstacles are and most importantly how to take action and make the necessary changes to achieve what you want.


Are you a therapist?

I identify as a life coach. You may find the process to be therapeutic and may use your session time to speak openly and freely. Many clients do. I am here to listen when you need me to listen, and to support when you need support, but I'm also an accountability partner.

Who needs a life coach?

Everyone. Whether you are a teenager struggling in high school or a successful CEO of a billion-dollar company, everyone needs a coach. The most successful people in the world, not excluding the ones we see on television, all have managers or someone in their life to take on the role of providing an informed and intuitive perspective that is different than their own. The most self-reflective people in the world still can't see themselves through the lenses of everyone. Even coaches have coaches. It's the only way to grow. 

When will I see results?

That is 100% up to you and how committed you are. Many clients have told me that immediately after the first session, they already saw life through a different perspective and felt like they were on a “high.” Trust in the process and be ready to work. You get out what you put in.

How long is this engagement?

Most of my clients work with me for 6 months to a year. Some have been with me longer and others have come to address a specific issue for less time. Many clients work with me weekly for the first six months and then slow down to bi-weekly. If something shifts in your life that requires more attention, we can always revisit a schedule of regular sessions for as long as you need.

Do you specialize in any areas?

I specialize in men's issues, both straight and gay, especially: self-confidence, dating, relationships, sex and finding purpose & happiness. I can also help with any of the following areas:






• choosing a career / finding a job

• starting a new business

• increasing your income

• learning effective communication

• managing time and deadlines

• preparing for an interview

• preparing a speech or audition

• losing or gaining weight

• learning healthy eating habits

• getting your basic needs

• boosting energy and motivation

• managing stress and anxiety

• guided meditation

• relaxation exercises


• meeting new friends and dating

• maintaining healthy relationships

• cutting ties / toxic relationships

• creating a dating profile

• building a support network

• conflicts with peers or coworkers

• sex and romance

• developing self-awareness

• building confidence / self-esteem

• addressing intimacy issues

• sexual identity / coming out

• breaking a habit

• releasing feelings / healing

• finding closure / grieving 

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